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We understand that vision and mission are defined in different ways in different contexts. However, we want to clarify how we chose to approach those terms at Kingdom Church. It’s simple. Our vision is who we want to become. Our mission is what we do to get there.

Vision:  To be a church that lives, loves, and leads like Jesus.

Mission: To help as many people as possible¬†change their lives for God’s glory and their good.

In order to help our members accomplish this mission, we have adopted core practices that we attempt to integrate into our lives each week. We live like the KING. This is an acronym for the following:

K. Kneel.
This describes our commitment to the personal devotions that help nurture our relationship with God. We utilize contemporary devotional methods and also historic practices such as the daily office.

I. Invite.
This describes our commitment to evangelism. We believe every Christian has a responsibility to invite others to experience the life change Jesus provides. We believe in utilizing the mediums of personal invitation, social media, and print material to do so.

N. Notice.
This describes our commitment to Love Out Loud and be attentive to the needs of others.

G. Guard.
Although we are aware that we are all broken vessels in need of God’s restorative work, we want to live lives that are God-honoring. We desire to manage our lives responsibly so that we aren’t stumbling blocks to others. Therefore we commit to guard the “gates” of our lives so that we manage our lives in healthy and honorable ways.

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